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CFSC - Current Program Descriptions


Michael B. Christensen
Community and Family Support Center (CFSC)
The Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc. (GLCAC, Inc.) in partnership with the Exchange Clubs of the Merrimack Valley established the Family Support Center in 1996 as part of the National Exchange Club campaign to prevent child abuse and neglect and community and family engagement. The Family Support Center and the Greater Lawrence Community Partnerships for Children programs consolidated in June of 2011 now known as the Michael B. Christensen Community & Family Support Center. The CFSC increases the ability of families to nurture their children, to foster a sense of family, self-sufficiency, and empowerment. Included in the CFSC;s array of services, which are the following programs:
Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (formally the Greater Lawrence Community Partnerships for Children)
The Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) Grant funds the Greater Lawrence Community Partnerships for Children (GLCPC) its member organizations, provide resources and services to families with children in the communities they serve to ensure that all children - prenatal through school-age - are well-adjusted and succeed in school to families in the Greater Lawrence Area.
The culturally diverse council is committed to facilitating planning and fostering collaboration among the programs, providers and community leaders so that all families know about and take advantage of programs that offer social connections, health and wellness, cultivate parent resilience, develop parenting skills, and provide emotional, social, financial and concrete support in time of need.
GLCPC provides family education and support to the Greater Lawrence Area that builds on and enhances family strengths, facilitates active family involvement, and promotes family literacy and school readiness. Services for families with young children are provided through a variety of activities including: Structured Play Groups, Drop-in Playtimes, and Special Child Focused Events which are offered at several locations . These sessions are a great way for parents to share ideas, children to play with new friends, and information about child development and language to be learned.
For More Info Contact: The Office at 978-681-4996

Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Playgroup Sessions:


The CFCE is offering playgroups for parents and young children in several locations.
1. At our main office at 305 Essex St., in Lawrence, playgroups happen daily from 10-3pm.
          *At 190 Hampshire St. the Child Care Circuit offers playgroups Monday evenings.
          *The Arlington School offers playgroups on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
2. Monthly at Imajine That and at the Department of Transitions, parents can come to playgroups. 
3. The Methuen Laundromat and Car Wash, offers playgroups the second Saturday and Third Sunday each month.
4.  At Loft Five50, playgroups are offered monthly.
These sessions are a great way for parents to share ideas, children to play with new friends, and information about child development and language to be learned.
For more information on the Playgroup Sessions please contact the office at: 978-681-4996 x4728


Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)

Soaring to Success: The PCHP has been helping parents in the Greater Lawrence Area understand the importance of reading, talking and playing with their young children in order to encourage healthy development and to ensure children enter school ready to learn. Also through reading and play, parents and children will bond in a healthy stress free environment. Through 2 weekly home visits for two years the children receive free toys and books to enhance language skills and prepare for preschool.

For More Info Contact: The Office at 978-681-4985
Family Preservation/Parent-Aide Program/Case Management Program
 The GLCAC, Inc. Social Services Family Preservation and Support Program provides comprehensive services and fosters inter-agency coordination in order to support families with children up to age 18. The staff conducts extensive client assessments to investigate family strengths and areas for necessity, environmental factors, and the family life cycle. Based on findings, working service plans are developed which identify both short-range and long-range family goals. Services offered directly by the Social Services /Family Preservation and Support Program includes Parent Education Programs, family and individual counseling, home management skills counseling, financial management training, and comprehensive case management. Program staff also provide advocacy for families by working with existing community agencies and promoting the development of needed services. Networking systems, linkages, and affiliation agreements are extensive
For More Info Contact:: The Office at 978-681-4985
Project FOCUS
GLCAC Inc. in collaboration with the Lawrence Public Schools and a variety of community partners focus on increasing student academic achievement at the South Lawrence East Middle School, which is a full service community school, through the provision of empirically-based wrap around support services which will be offered to students, their families and the community. Team FOCUS is dedicated to achieving academic success by offering comprehensive wraparound services in the middle school focusing on the whole child, addressing the academic, physical, social and emotional needs of students and enlisting the active involvement of their families in school-based programs and activities.
For More Info Contact: The Coordinator located at the South Lawrence Middle East School at 978-975-5993 x21308

Educator Provider Support (EPS) - Region 3 Professional Development (R3P)
The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) funded six regional ‘Educator and Provider Support’ grants for professional development and North Shore Community College is leading the initiative for the 50 cities and towns in Region 3. Since the region is so large, “Hubs” have been developed in the three major cities (Lynn, Lowell and Lawrence) and the Greater Lawrence Hub is located at GLCAC Inc. The coordinator’s role is to link early educators and out of school time staff to educational opportunities in the Northeast Region, and to provide programs/providers with supports for NAEYC, NAFCC, CDA, and QRIS.
For More Info Contact Lawrence HUB Coordinator, PD Coach, or FCC Coach at 978-681-4996.
Supervised Visitation Center
 Supervised Visitation Center is a safe place for parents to visit with their children under the supervision of a Case Manager/Parent Aide Worker. The center provides parents an environment to obtain supervised visits, which may be ordered by the court system, Department of Children and Families or other community resource. The center offers a sliding fee based on the visiting parent’s income.
For more Info Contact: The office at 978-681-4985
Parent Education Program
This 12 week course centers on the exploration of where and why parents learn to parent the way they do. Parents examine various aspects of parenting. Such as discipline, cultural traditions and ideologies. Participants explore what is considered abusive physically, emotionally and sexually, understanding needs of children, perceptions of others especially children, and effective communication skill. Through weekly discussions, activities (individual and group), weekly homework assignments, and real-life examples, particpants begin to understand the broad issues of the dynamics of family.



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